Katie’s Hear to Help has been able to fit 267 ears in the past 8 years! As some children require 1 or more hearing aids, we measure our impact in terms of “ears” fitted.  All children deserve the right to hear, and the effect of hearing aids can be seen in the face of a child who can properly hear for the first time.


“My son Evan was born 6 weeks premature and spent a month in the NICU at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis back in 2003. He was born with 1 kidney and several issues concerning his heart. Evan did not pass any of his newborn hearing screening before he left the hospital and I continued with follow up for 3 months. After three more tests, and the ABR results showing his hearing loss, I was finally able to accept that my child was hard of hearing. He was fitted with his first set of hearing aids right before he turned 6 months old, and wore that pair for several years.

Fast forward to 2015, and I started to notice Evan was struggling with hearing even with his hearing aids on. His teachers started to notice that even with his hearing aids and personal FM, he was struggling at school. About this same time, Evan’s cardiologist informed us that Evan would require his first open heart surgery. To say that I felt like I had no control of what was happening with my child at that time is an understatement.

Evan is carried on private healthcare insurance, and while that is helpful with the surgery, it is not with hearing aids. I had volunteered for a few years with Katie’s Hear to Help for the wine tasting event and loved to hear the stories of the families that the foundation is able to help. I immediately thought of Kelly and called her and asked if KHTH would be willing to help us out with Evan’s need for new hearing aids.

Kelly did not even hesitate to say yes and was so encouraging. Often times it is not easy to ask for help, but facing the daunting task of taking on so many medical bills, I knew it was important to try and solve one problem at a time, starting with the decline in Evan’s hearing loss. I was immediately put into contact with Susan at Hear Here, and in the blink of an eye, Evan was there to have his hearing checked. Susan was able to confirm what I believed: his hearing loss had gotten worse. This was another devastating blow to me as his parent, but Susan was so kind while I shed a few tears over this news.

She talked with Evan about the new hearing aids he would be receiving and the benefits he would get now that his hearing loss had dropped. Susan made sure Evan knew what his options were, made him feel welcome, and listened to what he was looking for. This was the easiest transition into new hearing aids he has had, and I am forever grateful to the many people who are behind this.

I am truly indebted to you all because you have given my child the blessing of being able to hear with the marvel of modern technology. Thank you for being so willing and gracious to many families including mine.”

– Leslie M. Hind